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Working for Compunnel Healthcare

    At Compunnel Healthcare, we believe an outstanding company to work for is an exceptional company to work with. By combining a great environment with great minds, we produce great results. We work hard to understand job seeker’s requirements to ensure the best fit possible.

  • We believe in being honest about how we can fulfill your needs, as well as your career goals and expectations.
  • Our experts stay abreast of the current market conditions and help you comprehend whether goals are realistic or requires an adjustment in expectations.
  • Recruiters at Compunnel review your resume and edit or give advice on how to make it more presentable and marketable.
  • We’ll make all interview arrangements, let you know what to expect, and prepare you accordingly.
  • After your interview, we’ll follow up with you not only to get your feedback, but to give you feedback from the hiring authority.
  • If we get to an offer stage, we will act as your agent negotiating the best compensation package as well as starting date and other needs.
  • Once you start, we don’t stop there. We’ll follow up with you and make sure your expectations have been met.

Rewarding Career Experience for Healthcare Professionals

As your Career Coach, we act as a “Career Agent” marketing you to the people who are looking for your skills and talents. This approach places you in a better position because it showcases your true qualification, without being another number in their system…ALL AT NO COST TO YOU! You know you’re an impact player, so let Compunnel Healthcare help you find the opportunity that will let you shine.

Industry Knowledge & Expertise

We interact with many decision makers and focus on industries where we can have the most impact and provide the greatest value. Hence, we will guide you to grab the best opportunity. Our experienced professionals will assist you from start to finish.


We know how stressful searching for a new job can be, so sit back and let us do the heavy lifting. Just send us your resume, and we will kickstart the best professional relationship of your career. With this being said, we are very respectful of your confidentiality and will not release your resume unless you want us to.


We support you by providing vital information for your interviews regarding company background, hiring authorities, and other significant details. We know what fair market value is and what you can expect or request. Try our Salary Calculator now, and make sure you get paid as per your worth : Salary Paycheck Calculator

Contract Staffing and Travel Assistance

If you would like to investigate working on a “contract” basis, we can help you better evaluate the pros and cons of this work arrangement. Our relocation service will assist you in making a smooth transition to a new city, while our relocation tools can help you calculate potential expenses or choose the right community.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise
Contract Staffing and Travel Assistance