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  • Blog April 25, 2021

    Our COVID-19 Journey

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What a crazy year it has been! In March 2020, COVID-19 took over, and the whole world went into a mandated quarantine. Within a short period, everyone had to become accustomed to this new lifestyle. We had no idea how long it would last, but we were determined to work just as hard under the given conditions. As we remained in our homes indefinitely and began to work remotely, we soon adapted to this new normal. We were all experiencing the same changes and needed to support one another. At Compunnel, we communicated with one another regularly and maintained the same work habits as we would in the office. Before we knew it, we all fell into a routine that worked for us.

As a company that provides healthcare staffing solutions, our business was about to take an unexpected turn. The clients we had been working with at the time did not require our services as frequently. Many of our candidates began to lose their jobs without notice, leaving our recruiters in a difficult situation. The types of jobs that made our business successful were in low demand, while others were now in high demand. It became clear that we would have to take a new approach as a company and re-brand ourselves. As healthcare facilities needed new positions filled, we acted fast and provided our services.

During these challenging times, our mission was to focus on COVID-19 specific placements. We discovered that we would need to branch out and work with both new companies and candidates throughout the Country. Our new clients included nursing homes, long-term care facilities, rehabs, and homecare projects. These businesses needed help more than ever, as they cared for many high-risk individuals. With our assistance, they gained multiple staff members to care for patients and their health. Although we typically place ambulatory and in patient staffing at our company, we were able to expand our services by providing patient care to the Skilled Nursing facilities.

As COVID-19 cases started to rise, testing centers became busier and busier. The centers needed healthcare workers for both indoor and outdoor locations, as well as doctors’ offices, which tested for the virus. During this time, the local healthcare facilities contacted us and requested our services. Our team of recruiters acted fast and found the most qualified healthcare professionals for these positions. Within days we were placing Medical Assistants and Nurses in testing centers all around the country, working both weekdays and weekends. Some of these nurses needed to perform contact tracing as well. Along with this, we were also placing greeters and triage workers at these testing sites. Our recruiters ensured that their candidates were screened for COVID-19 and followed safety guidelines from the government, as their wellbeing is most important to us. We are very pleased that we could help with these critical healthcare staffing needs.

The pandemic continued, but multiple companies started getting closer to finding a vaccine. It is now Spring 2021, and the vaccine is up and running. Many people around the world have already got their shots and are now starting to experience relief. Right now, we are actively placing nurses to give vaccinations in outpatient facilities. We have now come “full circle” with our COVID-19 staffing placements and will continue to provide these services for our clients and candidates.

At Compunnel Healthcare, our business is now back to the “New Norm” and busier than ever. We are hiring again for the jobs we placed before the pandemic, as well as many more we have had the opportunity to fill. Along with this news, we are still partnering with the same employers we had connected with during the pandemic. With all the positions we are currently filling, we even had to bring on more staff to work for us. Last year at this time, we had no idea what was going to happen, but we made it through the tough times together.

Over the past year, we discovered so much about ourselves as a company. The pandemic changed our worlds in the blink of an eye, and we learned how quickly we adapt to new circumstances. When our business structure as an agency suddenly changed, we had to remain professional and brainstorm new ideas. It was not long until we switched to a new plan, and efficiently applied our new strategies. We also learned how flexible our employees are, as they transitioned to their home offices with ease and remained just as productive in their new settings. We had to utilize new forms of communication, as we could not interact face to face with one another. Our team members acted quickly and learned how to use all types of video conferencing platforms. Along with this, they learned how to conduct interviews and meetings using these computer tools. Overall, we transitioned smoothly as a team and worked together as a company to keep our business successful.

This year has been one huge learning experience, but we are proud to be reporting with good news. We will all continue to strive, grow, and stick together. If you are currently in need of our services, email us at We would be happy to partner with you!

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