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Financial Analyst

Location: Arcadia, California

Date Posted: 29 Aug, 2022


1. Perform and demonstrate effectiveness with the duties and responsibilities of the Business and Financial Analyst II job classification.
2. Research, review, monitor, and analyze financial and historical data and completes financial report to understand and explain agency cost and revenue streams.
3. Provide support to senior management in analyzing financial information, drawing conclusions, and formulating recommendations.
4. Evaluate and complete business risk measurement and analysis using the simulation model to analysis current and planned exposures.
5. Develop and reconcile forecasts of net income based upon projections naturals, presents results and reports and explains variances.
6. Manage and complete monthly analysis of service profitability and units served using cost accounting software. Continually reviews and improves methodology to enhance results.
7. Analyze, develop and maintain computer applications, procedures and related systems to meet the needs of user departments.
8. Act as lead in the program financial reveiw and articulates fiscal strategies and desired outcomes.
9. Prepare the budgets and manage the development of budget plans and strategies.
10. Acts as the lead for the Business and Financial Analyst I and II position.
11. Other related responsibilities, as assigned to support specific department/business needs.