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Healthcare Recruiter

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Date Posted: 18 Nov, 2021

Key Responsibilities:
Experienced in Healthcare Industry placing Nursing, Allied Health and /or Medical Administrative roles.
Taleo is the Human Resource software in use. Experience on this is Desired.
Provide support to an organization in finding the qualified candidates for vacant job positions.
Review large number of resumes or curriculum vitae
Screen each resume carefully to shortlist the appropriate ones, based on the professional and personal credentials.
Manage interview on telephones or personal meeting to figure out the matched qualities, before processing it to the hiring manager or key interview panel.
Assist in arranging face-to-face interview with higher management.
Assist the managers in recognizing the key skills and competencies of the candidate to make the final selection of the candidate.
Monitor the need for new employees for a particular post.
Essential Skills:
Excellent knowledge of human resource development and management
Knowledge of the medical facility you are working in or the respective healthcare client
Excellent organizational skills
Strong oral and written communication skills
Excellent interpersonal skills
Ability to meet deadlines and targets
Ability to understand and analyze people
Well organized, detail oriented and confident personality

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