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Clinical Education Specialist

Location: Cary, North Carolina

Date Posted: 28 Sep, 2021

Job Description:
The client Education and Workforce Solutions organization has overall responsibility for providing the onsite technical training for client Interventional Imaging platform at our customer's medical facilities. In this role you will ensure that the Clinical Education training on client Imaging systems and components is facilitated to provide expert technical
training, deliver customer excellence, and represent client and Clinical Education with professionalism and a focus on delivering a positive customer experience.

Key Responsibilities
• Deliver onsite and virtual education to customers as it relates to client’s imaging systems, software features, functionalities and workflows
• Facilitate the design and development of onsite and virtual education as it relates to client’s systems, software, features, functionalities, and workflows, for both internal and external client partners.
• Responsible for evaluating education needs of our customers and creating and developing training plans complete with materials, tutorials, instructions, and learning resources focusing on onsite and virtual education modules and development of customer and internal education.
• Experienced educator who is up to date on the latest tools and resources needed to improve customer and employee training and performance.
• Evaluate, select, and prioritize modality content development in alignment with Education Development Specialist.
• Effectively develop virtual education for our customers and employees.
• Communicate with virtual delivery team and Education Development Specialist regularly on training materials being developed.
• Participate in meetings, seminars, and training sessions to obtain useful information for potential use in future training programs.
• Will also assist with the creation of training content for the training and development website and e-learning tools.
• Follow branding and formatting guidelines for content development
• Develop customer and employee virtual training programs along with the Education Development Specialist, client training center instructors and clinical education team members and maintain a database of all training materials.
• Consult with other trainers, managers, and leadership to ensure training sessions and business needs are in sync Success Measurements
• Detailed knowledge of the latest client imaging systems and applications
• Proficient computer skills, Microsoft Office Suite and instructional software
• Strong organizational skills including establishing and meeting timelines and schedules
• Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently
• Able to analyze problems and strategize for better solutions
• Basic knowledge of networking and hospital workflow

Education / Knowledge / Experience
• BS/BA in related discipline, or advanced degree preferred or a graduate from a certified Radiologic Technology program.
• Registered and/or licensed in clinical modality required
• Typically, 3+ years of successful experience in related field and successful demonstration of Key Responsibilities and Knowledge as presented above.
• Teaching experience – preferred
• Required Travel 90-95%
• Communication: Oral - S/he is asked to speak at conferences and/or meeting because of excellent oral communication skills.
• Communication: Written - S/he is rated as the best or better than most at written communications. Acts as a mentor/trainer for written communication.

• Communication: Listening - Involved in a meeting with customers he or she can encourage effective listening in a way that is welcomed by the group. Uses active listening to encourage discussion. S/he is rated as the best or better than most at listening. Acts as a mentor/trainer for effective listening.

• Conflict Management - Applies strategies to deal effectively with difficult people and difficult situations. Models effective negotiation techniques and always maintains control of the situation. Can effectively handle confrontation and conflict with and between trainees; and can use a series of verbal and non-verbal interventions to de-escalate the conflict, explore and clarify the issues, and facilitate resolution, while discouraging disruptive behavior and preventing emotional withdrawal. S/he is rated as the best or better than most at conflict management. Acts as a mentor/trainer for conflict management.

• Teamwork and Collaboration - Facilitates and fosters a cooperative approach in his/her unit and beyond it. Creates an environment that fosters sharing of information and knowledge. Builds and effectively leverages internal network beyond own organizational unit. Inspires and motivates others to contribute to common goals and to step out of comfort zones. Balance’s self and team interests to meet collective goals. S/he is rated as the best or better than most at teamwork and collaboration. Acts as a trainer/mentor for teamwork and collaboration.

• Leveraging Diversity - Can identify when cultural misunderstandings may be contributing to interpersonal conflict in the training and can use a variety of strategies to explore and resolve conflicts. Demonstrates an honest respect and appreciation for cultural diversity. Incorporates consideration of all classes, races, nationalities, cultures, disabilities, and genders into training. Creates a climate that treats interface between diverse people and groups as the norm.

Reputation for receptiveness to thought diversity makes this individual a magnet for diverse thoughts and perspectives and fosters an organizational climate of inclusion that integrates the best ideas from many varied voices. S/he is rated as the best or better than most at leveraging diversity. Acts as a mentor/trainer for leveraging diversity.

• Professionalism - Develops an action plan to improve personal professionalism. Always effectively represents his or herself and the organization onsite, at business meetings and other networking events. Adept at networking etiquette. S/he is rated as the best or better than most at behaving in a professional manner. Acts as mentor/trainer for
professional behavior.

• Developing Others - Considers him or herself in a position of responsibility for the advancement of others; identifies potential and assumes a role in harvesting it. Creates an environment of positive feedback, encouraging others to reach farther and higher and to press on toward their goals. Holds frequent development discussions with others, discusses progress, and encourages others to adjust development plans as needed to ensure attainment of goals. S/he is rated as the best or better than most at developing others. Acts as a trainer/mentor for developing people.

• Time Management - Is an expert on efficient use of time and energy of self and others. Thoughtfully plans his or her schedule and skillfully discriminates between the urgent and the important, often accommodating a broad time frame. Easily handles multiple tasks at the same time, while considering plans for future tasks. Considers the short, medium, and long-term, while attending to a broad range of activities. S/he is rated as the best or better than most at time management. Acts as a trainer/mentor on time management.

• Analytical Thinking - Uses a combination of logic, analysis, experience, wisdom, advanced methods, and other resources to make sound, timely decisions and to solve problems. Demonstrates the ability to solve complex, difficult, and intractable problems, creates effective and innovative solutions. Demonstrates advanced skill and keen insight in gathering, sorting, and applying key information. Builds and leads coalitions and teams to facilitate the work whem indicated. Delivers solutions and decisions that have a positive, far-reaching, and comprehensive organizational impact, influencing future events and directions. Is often pursued as a consultant for input, analysis, process support, and direction. Acts as a mentor/trainer for analytical thinking.

• Demonstrating Adaptability - Embraces change in work and environment even when there is ambiguity. Applies emotional intelligence to recognize, validate, harness and stream his or her own and others' feelings as they arise in change. Creates and implements change to facilitate improvements. Seeks out ways to learn more about effectively
introducing change in the workplace and training environment. S/he is rated as the best or better than most at demonstrating adaptability. Acts as a mentor/trainer for demonstrating adaptability.

• Applying Business Acumen - Utilizes understanding of business drivers to make courageous decisions that provide a competitive advantage. Identifies those opportunities, which will increase the organization's sales or profits; selects and exploits those activities which will result in the largest returns. Can consult with the customer and sell the portfolio. S/he is rated as the best or better than most at applying business acumen. Acts as a mentor/trainer for business acumen

Education: Bachelors Degree

Certification: Radiologic Technology Certification

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