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Registered Nurse - Medical / Surgical

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Date Posted: 14 Sep, 2021

Job Description:
Assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating patient care plans in consultation with healthcare professionals.
Evaluating medical information, as well as providing direct and individualized bedside nursing care to pre-and post-surgery patients.
Preparing, administering, and recording prescribed medications.
Changing dressings, inserting catheters, and starting IVs.
Adjusting specialized medical equipment as needed, as well as interpreting and recording measurements.
Monitoring patients' vitals and reporting adverse reactions to medications in a timely manner.
Collaborating on discharge planning with the healthcare team.
Answering questions and educating patients and their families on surgical procedures and post-surgery care.
Maintaining and updating patient files, medical charts, and health records.
Adhering to best nursing practices, standards, and protocols.

Position Details:
The skills that are most desirable are IV starts, in/out/Foley catheters, EKG, vaccinations, medication administration 
8 weeks only.
48hr guarantee.
Minimum 2 yrs. exp in specialty.
License required for GA state or Compact license.
BLS required.