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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Date Posted: 04 May, 2021

Pediatric Newborn Medicine Administrative Assistant – Temporary Position - Job Description

Emails: Sending, receiving, forwarding and checking at the beginning of the sift, midway through the shift and at the end of the day. 
Familiarity and efficient use of department distribution lists: 
o DPNBM Faculty Neonatologists 
o DPNBM Faculty All (includes Neos and Pediatricians)
o BWH NICU DLs (RT, Allied Health, Nursing, Unit Coordinators) 
Calendar Management for the Chair of the Department  
o Setting up/sending calendar invites for meetings 
o Arranges meetings recurrences/series 
o Polling for availability of meeting participants/large groups (and how to keep track) 
o Participant tracking and tracking of replies 
o Scheduling assistant support to assigned faculty  
o Maintains access to calendars 
Conference Room Scheduling: 
o Obtains calendar access for conf rooms used on CWN 6110 and CWN 6082 
o Keeps track of calendars and contact persons for other rooms in the hospital 
Zoom/Microsoft Teams: 
o Manages own account  
o Scheduling meetings and adding them to Outlook invites 
o Setting up recurring meetings, special circumstances, alternative hosts 
o Starting and running Zoom meetings 
o How to record meetings and save/share files 
? Expenses 
o Submits for reimbursements of faculty receipts/expenses 
o Choses different department accounts 
? BPK010 (dept.) vs. BPK009 (CME) 
? E-Check 
o Processes invoices from outside vendors for payment
? E-Buy 
o Orders supplies and other miscellaneous items as needed 
o Attends training webinar 
o Key contacts: Review contact list, highlight frequent and important numbers 
o Screens various call and transfers as needed.   
o Knowledge of process for transferring calls, placing calls on hold
o Manages voicemail access by retrieving daily messages and following up 
o Answers phone “live” when on duty and placing out of office messages when not 
o Has an account 
o Creates folders and uploads files 
o Shares folders and generate Dropbox links 

Network Drives: 
o Properly uses H: Drive: Personal drive   
o Properly stores files on Newborn1: Shared drive for Admin team 
o LVMASST (optional) 
o Creates file so coworkers can cover when off 

Receptionist at PB142 Newborn Medicine administrative offices: 
o Greets visitors and use reference sheet (Provider profiles and pictures) to put names to faces 
o Monitors who comes into the department
o Answers the phone with appropriate greeting and follows up as needed.  
Some college preferred 
Previous Administrative Assistant experience
Knowledge of Microsoft office products including outlook and excel