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CT / XRAY Tech

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Location: Fort Bragg, California

Date Posted: 03 May, 2021


XRAY Technician

This job comes with a signing bonus. Apply to find out more. 

Safety during a pandemic is of the utmost importance. This position prioritizes your safety and provides PPE.

An XRAY technician takes x-rays of patients’ internal anatomy to help physicians in diagnosing illnesses, diseases or injuries. They explain the procedures to patients and protect them from over exposure of radiation. The X-Ray tech should be able to position patients correctly in order to get accurate images. This may include lifting and moving patients with limited mobility. 

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Appropriate license for your state
  • Associate’s or Bachelor's degree in radiologic technology, radiology or related field
  • ARRT certification

Responsibilities of an XRAY Technician:

  • Recording accurate x-ray procedures
  • Taking effective radiographic images of patients’ bones, tissues and organs per physicians’ request
  • Verifying patients’ identity and reviewing doctors orders prior to x-ray
  • Maintaining x-ray equipment and ensuring it’s regularly serviced and functioning
  • Communicating x-ray process to patients and answering their questions/concerns
  • Notifying management immediately of any damaged or malfunctioning equipment

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Education: Bachelors Degree