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Certified Nursing Assistant

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Location: Sheridan, Wyoming

Date Posted: 02 Apr, 2021

A Certified Nursing Assistant performs many basic care tasks for patients, like grooming, dressing, bathing, eating and exercising. They also assist the nursing staff with medical tasks like taking blood, monitoring vitals with medical equipment and reporting patient behavior and wellbeing. Their role is to ensure patients are comfortable and well cared for while under the care of Doctors and Nurses in hospitals, outpatient centers and long-term care facilities.

Certified Nursing Assistant skills and qualifications:
Certified Nursing Assistants use many soft skills and patient care best practices to provide a safe, comfortable, and healing environment for all patients. Common required skills and qualifications include:
Excellent interpersonal skills, including customer service, patience, empathy and compassion
Effective communication skills, including active listening, writing, speaking and reading comprehension
Good collaboration and teamwork skills
Fast and adaptive problem-solving abilities
Keen attention to detail
In-depth understanding of patient care policies and regulations
Familiarity with symptoms and signs of improvement for a number of medical conditions
Comfortable working with specific populations of patients, including elderly patients and those with special needs
Physical strength and stamina

Licenses/ Certification
Current Certified Nursing Assistant LC required