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Intensive Care Coronary Nurse ICU

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Location: Los Angeles, California

Date Posted: 23 Feb, 2021

Intensive Care Unit Nurse (RN)

The ICU Registered Nurse works in the Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care Units, with patients who are in critical conditions. The ICU registered nurse will treat critically ill patients, assist doctors, and provide support and patient education to their families. Daily responsibilities include monitoring vital signs, reactions to treatments and procedures, life support equipment, and administering IV’s. Their patients range widely in age, background, and gender. The ICU nurse should be able to work decisively and confidently in highly stressful, critical situations and display strong critical thinking skills as well as high emotional intelligence. 

Minimum Education/Experience Requirements:

  • RN certification, per state requirements. 

  • Associate’s of Science degree in Nursing, Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing preferred.

  • CCRN certification.

  • Minimum of one to two years of general nursing experience, two years of ICU/Critical Care experience preferred.



  • Work with physicians and healthcare professionals to provide physical assessments and administer care for patients. 

  • Work with practical nurses and nursing assistants in intensive care units to give clear instructions for procedures and routines. 

  • Provide education and support to patients and their families. 

  • Conduct ongoing psychosocial, physical, and pain assessments as they care for patients. 

  • Closely observe patients while noting treatments and prescribed medications for each life threatening case.

  • Monitor vital signs, ensure proper function of feeding tubes, ventilators, catheters, etc.

  • Work with patients’ overall needs: feeding, bathing, grooming, dressing replacement, medication intake, etc. 

  • Recognizes and reports errors or unusual occurrences, and initiates corrective action when appropriate.

  • Makes accurate, complete, and timely entries into the patient medical record addressing all steps of the nursing process.

  • Documents patient progress toward goal achievement and all other required documentation accurately and timely.

  • Communicates and collaborates effectively with members of the health care team escalating situations appropriately.


Keywords: ICU Nurse, ICU Nursing, Intensive Care Nurse

Education: Bachelors Degree

Certification: General Certifications(PALS,BLS/BCLS,ACLS)