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Location: Fontana, California

Date Posted: 10 Dec, 2020

Step Down Registered Nurse

A step down nurse promotes the care of a patient between the stages of standard care and intensive care. Step Down Units (SDUs) provide an intermediate level of care necessary in many health care facilities. Step down nurses must plan and implement care for patients who require.

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Registered Nursing license 

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN)

  • BLS and ACLS certifications required

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Prepare equipment and provide hands-on care to patients.

  • Calculate, record and administer medications and dosages; evaluate and monitor patient’s progress.

  • Change dressings, insert IVs, and insert catheters.

  • Skills in teamwork, communication, and collaboration in order to create, implement, and 

facilitate the best possible environment for the patient. 

  • Attentiveness to critical patients and assuring quality of care.

  • Ability to observe medical changes and report them to those responsible, as well as maintain on-going assessments. 

  • Maintains a safe, sanitary, and healthy work environment for patients and staff by adhering to all given standards and protocols while providing quality-centered care.

  • Using the health center’s designated electronic system to document, retrieve, and email patient medical records.

  • Recognize respiratory and cardiopulmonary emergencies and utilize critical thinking and trained skills to stabilize the patient

  • Communicating with patients and family members regarding the care, treatment, and condition of the patient.

  • Identifying and advocating for patient's needs while providing physical and emotional support.


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Education: Bachelors Degree

Certification: General Certifications(BLS/BCLS,ACLS); Nursing Certifications(NIHSS)