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Medical Practice Assistant

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Location: South Weymouth, Massachusetts

Date Posted: 13 Jan, 2021

General Summary/ Overview/Description:
The Medical /Practice Assistant (MA/PA) is an integral member of the healthcare team and is accountable for patient care as assigned by a licensed independent provider (LIP: MD, NP, PA), a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN).  The MA/PA participates in the direct and indirect care of patients, health maintenance, patient instruction, collaborative planning and rehabilitation as within scope of practice and consistent with his/her education and training. The Medical/Practice Assistant may be present in secure medication storage areas and are allowed incidental access to medications. Developing relationships with patients, families and colleagues, the MA functions as an interdisciplinary team member who provides quality patient care and contributes toward the attainment of important goals for the patient, the practice and the organization. Additionally, as part of the regular job duties, the MA/PA will provide administrative support to the practice responsible for multiple functions to ensure a smooth and seamless patient experience.
 All employees are expected to embrace this commitment and demonstrate behavioral competencies in the following areas: 
People: Focus on serving the community through collaboration and respect 
Self Management: Accountability, professionalism and commitment to growth and development 
Organization: A commitment to quality, service and exceptional performance 
Hybrid Medical Assistant/Practice Assistant role; helping at the front desk as well as in the back as a Medical Assistant
Meeting these expectations is key to the success of your department and the organization. 

This job description includes: 
General expectations for the position 
Addendum A - BWH Behavioral Competencies 
Addendum B - Job Specific Tasks and Responsibilities 
Addendum C – Physical/Working Conditions 

Administrative Duties and Responsibilities:
Answer and transfer telephone calls.
Handle patient inquiries and issues in a timely and effective manner 
Schedule and register patients for appointments/procedures, confirm appointments/procedures, prepare for patient visit by providing patient with all necessary information and completing all necessary tasks.
Receive patient at arrival, verify and obtain all necessary information, ensure forms are completed and co-pays collected if applicable.
Ensure all billing/fiscal information is completed and submitted after visit, including collection and daily reconciliation of any co-payments.
Assist with special projects as directed.
Assist with training and orienting staff as needed
Follow HIPAA guidelines for the management of patient privacy and confidentiality.
Appropriately utilizes organizational resources including management of time, supplies, equipment and other assets. 
Other duties as assigned.

Clinical Duties and Responsibilities: 
Demonstrates true engagement and enthusiasm to contribute toward the care delivery needs for patients and families.
Promotes an inclusive environment supportive of patient and family centered care for a diverse community. 
Accepts assignments for patient care within the scope of his/her preparation and within current standards of practice.  In conjunction with a Licensed Independent Provider (LIP), LPN or RN, participates in the gathering of data that contributes to the assessment, planning, and evaluation of care delivered. 
Collaborates as a member of the health care team, contributing toward a supportive and therapeutic environment that promotes the attainment of patient goals that are specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and timely. 
Accurately obtains vital signs, elicits information about the patient’s basic health status, administers relevant care within scope of practice and as directed by the LIP/LPN/RN, and documents as appropriate in the electronic health record. 
Performs routine tests that may include but are not limited to: electrocardiograms, vision and hearing screening, and the collection of specimens for laboratory testing and point of care.
Participates in team-based care and patient education initiatives to support the health and wellness of patients in conjunction with the LIP/LPN/RN.  Reinforces patient instruction as directed by LIP/LPN/RN.
Participates in organizational and unit-based quality improvement initiatives and compliance readiness.
Participates in telephone screening of patients; may provide instruction to patient when directed by the LIP/LPN/RN.
Participates in prescription management tasks including pending of new prescriptions and renewals requiring LIP approval, prior authorizations and medication reconciliation.
Following approved clinical practice guidelines (CPG’s) and workflows, sends appropriate orders for radiology, laboratory testing and other care needs requiring LIP authorization. 
Performs a variety of tasks, including those that may be facilitated by administrative staff, which have an effect on the overall operations of the unit. These include flow, stocking of rooms, scheduling tasks and all other duties as assigned. 
 Technical Skills/Competencies Required:
Clinical Skills:
o Knowledge of practice operations and standards.
o Beginning to intermediate knowledge and use of medical terminology.
o Ability to accurately perform vital signs and obtain pertinent health information including but not limited to; temperature, pulse, respirations, blood pressure, height, and weight.
o Ability to participate in the medication reconciliation processes and related prescription management tasks, including prior authorizations.
o Knowledge and ability to perform specific procedures and tests as appropriate to the clinical setting.
Communication skills: 
o Demonstrates effective oral and written communication skills in English.   Communicates in a professional, courteous, clear and concise manner. Facilitates therapeutic relationships between patients, families and other members of the health care team. 
Writing Skills: 
o Ability to correspond and communicate with others clearly and effectively in writing (via e-mail, memo or interoffice note, documentation of patient information) and to take complete and accurate messages.
Phone skills: 
o Ability to telephonically support the practice by answering and screening calls, offering information within scope of practice to facilitate communication.
Organization Skills: 
o Ability to manage work processes in a neat and systematic way. Ability to manage multiple tasks effectively, appropriately prioritize clinical work, follow established policies, procedures and clinical practice guidelines, workflows,
Technology Skills: 
o Demonstrates ability to utilize technology in the clinical setting.  Includes basic computer skills as well as the utilization of electronic medical equipment. Ability to type accurately and enter data at an intermediate level.  Ability to become proficient in using the EHR and other appropriate applications.  Ability to utilize hand-held technology and download related data to the electronic health record.