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Clinical Operations Specialist

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Location: San Diego, California

Date Posted: 18 Nov, 2020

Principal duties/Roles and responsibilities:
The Operations Specialist I is a multi-functional role, responsible for inventory control of materials and finished goods, formulation, packaging, and order fulfillment. The Operation Specialist I also supports Quality Control of finished goods by performing dye labeling reactions and sample preparation. In addition, this position supports laboratory supply receiving and restocking.

• Support security and accuracy of inventory of materials and finished goods through transaction documentation and by conducting physical cycle counts and reconciliation of any discrepancies.
• Assist in the management of physical inventory within a Glovebox for raw materials, intermediate products, finished goods, analytical samples, and QA Retains.
• Perform small scale chemical reactions (dye labeling) for Quality Control testing.
• Fulfill internal requests for samples from inventory and perform sample preparation for quality testing.
• Perform Aliquoting/Vialing of air and water sensitive finished goods using manual and automated processes and equipment.
• Perform lyophilization of finished good products.
• Perform Weight Checks and Packaging of air and water sensitive finished goods within a glovebox.
• Prepare packaged products for QA inspection and shipments, including all required documentation.
• Accurately complete required documentation (batch records, data entry, etc.) on time.
• Receives deliveries of chemicals, materials, and lab supplies. Verifies accuracy of shipment and specifications. Checks materials into inventory management system and restock in proper storage areas.
• Support document control and data archiving activities as assigned.
• Promotes a safe work environment. Provide recommendations on maintaining the safety of the work environment. Participates in Environmental Health and Safety programs. Addresses corrective actions whenever a hazard is identified. Notifies supervisor of all observed hazardous conditions or unsafe work practices. Participates in safety audits of safety equipment and laboratory processes.
• Other responsibilities or projects as assigned by reporting manager.

Required Skills/Must Have:
Typically requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry or biology with 0-2years relevant experience.
• Ability to follow standard operating procedures is essential.
• Experience with manual (pipette) and automated filling/dispensing is preferred.
• Prior experience in a chemistry lab is preferred.
• Experience working in a glovebox is preferred.
• Proficiency in MS Office Skills (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) is required.
• Experience with FileMaker Pro, BMRAM, and DocuNECT is preferred.
• Must possess strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt to changing priorities in a fast-paced environment.
• Be a self-starter, quick learner with the ability to work independently and efficiently.
• Strong interpersonal communication skills, effective written and oral communications skills. 

Education: Bachelors Degree